Studio B

Studio B was the room where Lamajeure began in 1984. This is where founder and current partner Sylvain Lefebvre established his reputation as one of Montreal’s most talented sound engineers.

Today, it has a spacious booth, cutting-edge desks and a 5.1 Dynaudio speaker system.  Thanks to award winning engineer and sound designer, Luc Prefontaine, and his diverse capabilities exercising a variety of eccentric sound tools; you will hear an assortment of unimaginable sounds.

Technical specifications

  • 5.1 Dynaudio monitoring
  • Client space seating 8 people
  • HD video monitoring
  • Pro Tools HD
  • Avid Artist Mix
  • Private adjacent lounge

ISDN Numbers


APT-X Line 1 / Telos 1

514.871.1350 + 514.871.1365

APT-X Line 2 / Telos 2

514.871.2399 + 514.871.8244

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