Designed for online video editing, these professional suites enable Lamajeure to offer turnkey services for French versioning and adaptation. They are also perfectly suited to multimedia, web, and corporate projects, allowing clients to confidently put the final touches on their content and deliver the perfect finished product.

Our main video transfer and distribution hub is located nearby and equipped with the latest technologies and platforms, including full 4K capabilities. With a high-end video reference monitor, 5.1 audio playback, and full audio and video quality control operations, we can create your flawless final master, ready for delivery to broadcasters across Canada.


  • Sony HDCAM SR
  • Sony HDCAM
  • AVID Symphony
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Adobe Premier Pro
  • Sony video reference monitor
  • Harris vectorscope
  • Dynaudio 5.1 audio monitoring
  • Telestream and Sorenson compression tools up to 4K resolution.