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We are Lamajeure, a creative sound house in the spirited city of Montreal, Canada. 

Born in the 80s & independently owned by a new generation, our team of renowned sound artisans specializes in producing high-end, turnkey immersive sound experiences and original music for Ad, TV, film, and web production clients and collaborators around the world.

 In 2010, the studio acquired Côtés Post-Productions Ltée to offer its clients TV commercial distribution services to broadcasters across the country. Our original music composition department was also created and quickly achieved success.

During the 90s, Lamajeure played a significant role in shaping the music industry in the region of Quebec. It was one of the prominent studios of its time, recording some of the most influential albums in Quebec’s history, of which are still considered timeless & important music works. Lamajeure crossed the ocean and gained momentum with major mandates in Europe, the United Arab Emirates, and Singapore, among others. Our studio collaborates on large-scale projects and reiterates its know-how with innovative audio technologies.

Our state-of-the-art studios are each uniquely designed to craft sticky soundtracks with 38 years of established work ethic, proactive curiosity, and a distinguished level of proficiency. 

Today, Lamajeure is a music and sound production house proud of its past already orchestrating its future embracing innovation, ever-evolving creativity, and inspiration.


Welcome to what we love.

meet our team

Lamajeure, is a creative sound house impacting the culture diverse metropolis known as Montreal Canada where some of the most original projects in our industry are crafted to shine locally & internationally. 

We are a team of Producers, Sound Engineers, Sound Designers, & Music Composers, all part of the same band, creating under one roof.

our studios

Located in the center of downtown Montreal, our studios are equipped with the latest technology in sound recording as well as possessing an array of vintage equipment collected over the years to provide soul to all sound creations that come out of our mix rooms.

Our rooms are constructed with a large emphasis on design, and feature exceptional acoustics. 

To ensure that a day at our studio is always gratifying, each studio has an adjacent lounge for your talent & clients to work or just chill.


A comprehensive offer

We are partners and facilitators. We’re creative and proactive in our approach, which goes beyond the confines of the studio environment. We’re here to help our clients manage their projects. We’re upstream, always in solution mode.

Our creators embrace this philosophy by positioning themselves first as partners in ideation with the designers of advertising, fiction or immersive experiences. Our artists do not work in a vacuum but rather with a communicating vessel approach. Each one feeds off the other’s ideas to create the best musical product in a respectful, professional and humble way.

Technology, creativity and production management. Three poles that make Studio Lamajeure a premium place for all projects where music and sound need professional attention.

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