Creative sound house


We don’t only hire hard-working top-tier sound & music talent, but also just really cool, nice people you want to keep hanging with after a full day's session.

Alexandra Stréliski
Mathieu Morin
Co-general manager/Head mixer
Maxime Navert
Co-general manager/Head of creation
Émilie Choquette
Account manager
Pierre-Olivier Rioux
Engineer/Music producer
Stéphanie Godard
Account manager
Vincent Dufour
Head of production
Guillaume Alcaraz
Audio producer
Cynthia Laroche
Audio producer
Jean-Michel Blanchette
Sound designer/Engineer
Sophie Champagne
Productrice audio
Jacob Gauthier-Robitaille
Sound designer/Engineer
Donevan Adams
Sound designer/Engineer
Luc Préfontaine
Sound designer/Engineer
Olivier Rivard
Head of sound/Long format
Frédérike Béland
Production coordinator
Sylvain Roux
Concepteur sonore/Mixeur
Dominic Viau
Head of distribution/Technical supervisor
Giacomo De Paola
Music/Special projects
Théo Lefebvre
Client service/Studio assistant
Tony Ragon
Sound editor/R&D
Katherine Godin
Distribution technician
Anthony Francoeur-Vallière
Studio assistant
Pierre-Olivier Grimard
System administrator
Ariane Mayeux
Elliot Labarre
Technicien de distribution
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